Variegated Cuban Oregano – Bad Flavor!

I found some beautiful variegated Cuban oregano at a nursery and brought it home. My daughter planted it in her flower garden, where it shows off wonderfully. 

Why would you EVER want the boring green version of this plant when you can grow the pretty variegated version?

At least, that’s what I thought until I actually tasted the variegated variety. It’s watery and bitter, with a bit of a sour flavor. Not nearly as good as its all-green sister. In fact, it’s downright bad.

Sadly, I found this out after sticking pieces of it here and there to grow in a garden bed.

That’s how easy it is to propagate Cuban oregano. Just jam a piece in the ground and it will root and grow.

Like the Monstera I wrote about yesterday, though it may not be that edible, AT LEAST IT’S ATTRACTIVE!

It looks good as a backdrop in a garden.

It’s just not that good in tea or in cooking. Oh well. I thought I’d found something great.

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