Top Small and Big Garden Design Ideas to Help You Make the Best Use of Space

A garden can come in all shapes and sizes. Besides being a Zen corner of your home, cultivating and nurturing it is akin to meditation. Many international fashion houses such as Versace and Dior along with other creative minds have accepted the power of gardening.

Many people find gardening akin to Yoga and meditation and that it puts the things into perspective for them. Do you also love gardening? Are Do you have a garden and are looking for some ideas and inspiration? Or you would love to have a home garden but due to space issues, you can’t have one?

Here, we bring you 12 garden design ideas that you can adopt and put into practice, whether you live in a cramped apartment or a spacious villa. Make the most of the space and welcome the green to your living space.

Small Space Garden Design Ideas


Space can be a real issue you are living in an apartment or share your house with another flatmate. But don’t let this rob you of having a peaceful refuge for a garden. You can try these space-saving ideas for your apartment garden. These ideas let you fulfill your hobby as well as.


Container Gardening

 Container garden on front porch

For apartments and smaller spaces, container gardening is a wonderful way to make the most of the space available. Containers can be placed in a horizontal line in the balcony or the entryway.

If you don’t like to cram the driveway or entrance any further, go for hanging garden design where you can hang the garden without letting them in your way. Besides, you don’t have to worry about spending on containers as you can use any spare bottle or container from your house.


Vertical Gardening

 Vertical garden


You can also have a wooden or iron rack installed in the balcony or in the corners and keep the planters there. This will also help you to save water.


Pallet Gardening



If you have some time at hands, you can also try pallet gardening and sow some kitchen herbs, to begin with, the gardening spree.


Don’t Fight For the Light


Often Sunlight is a problem with apartment gardens. To counter this, you can go for a windowsill garden and get the plants that don’t require much sunlight. Money plant, rubber plant, Aloe Vera and kitchen herbs can thrive in shade as beautifully as in sunlight.


Outdoor Garden Design Ideas

There is no dearth of ideas when you have plenty of space. You can choose from one of the many front yard and backyard landscape designs to spruce up your living space. Having a garden not only brings a dash of green to your home but also helps you eat organic. You can plant vegetables, flowers and fruits in the garden and enjoy nature.


Consider the Lawn Area

First, you need to design and finalize the lawn space. It doesn’t have to be a rectangle. Your lawn shape could be anything from a zigzag pattern to an oval.


Sit and relax

Define a sitting area in the garden. Use vintage furniture or wooden couches for those Sunday mornings when you would like to do nothing. This can help you to make your garden the perfect spot to spend some quality time with your family.

You can also create a floating seat bench for sitting. You could plant the flowers in free space to make you feel like you are sitting within the flowers. Take a deep breath and feel fresh air in the morning with flowers in your garden. Make it your weekend escape for a morning tea or candlelight dinner on Valentine’s Day.


Vines and Frames

You can transform your walkway into a full-fledged garden by having vines and flowerbeds. Repurpose a bike into a garden of your own with pots and climbers. Besides this, you can have swings and other iron frames for the climbers to give the design some depth and character.


Water It Up

Adding a water feature such as a fountain and bird feeder to your garden can transform your garden into a delightful Zen corner with nature’s magical touch.


Line It Up

Line the path with lavender or sunflowers. Lavender is soothing and low on maintenance. It grows almost instantly and looks very attractive. It is one of the flowers that have stress-busting properties and can help you calm down.


Get some steps

There can’t be a better place for some aerobics and morning walk than your own garden. Construct some elevated steps in your garden and add some texture to your porch.

So, what are you waiting for? Don’t hold back and start working on your dream garden design space right now. If you are searching online plants or flowers for your garden in Bangalore then you can contact to CityFlowers. CityFlowers can provide you online plants or flowers delivery in Bangalore.

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