The Ultimate Prepper Food?

Need an ultimate prepper food? As a Survival Gardener, it’s important to have a low maintenance plant and will give you a massive crop. Look at this massive yam! Even if you don’t classify yourself as a “survival gardener,” it’s a great one to have in your yard!

The Dioscorea alata is a high calorie carbohydrate, perfect for survival (or saving on your weekly grocery bill!) David the Good gives you tips on how you can start growing your own crop. It can be as easy as going to your local grocery and buying a yam!

(Did you know yams can also help you stay fit? Yamfit! Watch this inspiring story of a girl and her yams. It’s transformational.)

Yams are perfect for survival because you can store your emergency food supply in the ground, rather than having to preserve buckets of beans and rice. Yams taste better than beans, too.

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