The Tropical Tomato Trials Begin

Over the last week we’ve accomplished a lot in the back gardens. There are now multiple long beds, plus a set of six beds for our tropical tomato trials. This is a project I am quite looking forward to.

I love the wide variety of seeds you can get from Baker Creek, though I always seem to buy way more seeds than I should.

As you can see in the video, I named my first six beds after my siblings. These are the varieties we planted:

Brian – Mortgage Lifter
Rachel – Chocolate Pear Tomato
Linda – Barry’s Crazy Cherry
Christi – Pantano Romanesco
Stephanie – White Tomasol
Jessica – Brad’s Atomic Grape

These were planted in 4′ x 16′ beds, 10 to a bed, on January 18th.

While sharing my video, I was told by Dayna in Hawaii that “Lucid Gem” does well in the tropics. I didn’t get it planted on the first run, but this morning (January 22nd) I finished two more beds and took a 4′ x 16′ slice from each to plant with tomatoes. One was planted with Lucid Gem, the other with Carbon. I still have a few more varieties I’d like to try, but I’m out of space again.

Bed 1 is “Karen,” planted with Carbon.
Bed 2 is “Richard,” planted with Lucid Gem.

Maybe the problem isn’t over-buying seeds but under-making beds. Time to dig some more!

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