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I have a fun interview to share with you all, today I am chatting with Scott Shepherd. Have you heard of Scott’s Podcast The Flower Podcast? I’ve been binge listening to the interviews he has shared on his podcast. When he reached out to interview me for his podcast I, of course, said yes!
Here is a link to the podcast with my interview.
I am so pleased to have been interviewed by Scott on his Podcast, yet found myself wanting to know more about him! So after he interviewed me I turned the table around and interviewed him for Flirty Fleurs Blog.
I hope you enjoy reading our chat below –


Scott Shepherd helping with the flowers at an event designed by Sybil Sylvester.
Photography by Ashley Woodson Bailey

Let’s start at the beginning Scott, how did you come into the floral industry and how long have you been involved in this fascinating business?

I entered the floral world June 1993. The fun fact is that it found me. I was at the University of Georgia finishing my degree in horticulture and couldn’t decide which area of horticulture to pursue. I really enjoyed all aspects of the plant/flower industry and couldn’t make up my mind. My advisor and professor, Dr. Allan Armitage, received a phone call from a local wholesaler/broker and asked if he knew of any students that would be interested in a job. When they described what kind of person they were looking for, he thought of me. We sat in his office and basically realized that the only thing they left off of the description was my name. They described me perfectly. The rest is history.

What’s your favorite memory that involves flowers, perhaps a story from your childhood?

My grandmother had flowers, but it was her vegetable garden that I found the most interesting. I loved to help in the garden and eat raw green beans. I can remember her telling me to save some for dinner. But looking back, I remember her love of her lilacs, viburnums, and annuals that she would plant around the family farm. I was fortunate to have grandparents on both sides of the family that shared their love of flowers and plants and without knowing it, they were fostering that same passion in me. The family farm had a privet hedge that was tall and thick and enclosed the front of the house blocking the view of the road, perfect playground for the multitude of grandchildren. Ever since, I have always loved the idea of garden rooms and walled gardens to create these green rooms filled with flowers and nature.

Scott Shephard at 3 Porch Farm with Mandy and Steve O'Shea

Scott at 3 Porch Farm with Mandy and Steve O’Shea

Can you tell us a bit about where you work now – Cut Flower Wholesale? I first came across Cut Flower Wholesale a few years ago as it has one of the best online resources for a flower gallery!

I currently work in sales at Cut Flower Wholesale, is a floral wholesaler based in Atlanta, Ga. Sourcing everything from local flowers to flowers from around the world, Cut Flower Wholesale provides flowers, plants and hardgoods. Serving mainly metro Atlanta, we also deliver regularly to Birmingham, AL, Chattanooga, and Nashville, TN. as well as shipping to customers throughout the southeast via UPS or FEDEX .
CFW is also known for our Flower Gallery on the website. It really is amazing, with thousands of pictures, seasons, and in many cases subs for roses being listed on the website.

Can you or have you ever tried floral design work or do you prefer to stick with the wholesale side of business?

I enjoy designing. There’s something about taking amazing flowers and creating this dance of color, texture, and movement. I usually feel intimidated by the designers that ask me to help on an event. Creating something and seeing the wedding party get excited and yes, tears, gives me a sense of satisfaction. I do love the wholesale side of it too. I often feel like someone on an expedition hunting for rare and unusual flowers. I love seeing a customers face light up when they come over to my table just to see what new flowers I’ve found. It’s like children in a candy store and I’m Willy Wonka!!

Why did you decide to start a Podcast about florists?

I have been blessed over 26 years of being in this business of getting to know truly gifted floral designers. I spend a lot of time commuting to and from work and found podcasts a great way to make the time I spend in the car more productive. My boys love filming and editing so needless to say our home is somewhat like a studio. With equipment staring me in the face, kids wanting a family business, and my love of flowers it just made sense.
I love learning and sharing! To be able to share my unbelievable journey with phenomenal friends, remarkable talent, and breathtaking flowers and at the same time, create a meeting place to chat with guests from all areas of the floral industry as they share their personal insight to flowers, business, and the future of flowers… it’s a dream come true. A place for floral friends to encourage and inspire one another!

The night of the launch party for The Flower Podcast Scott was presented with cookies with him on them.

And, of course, do you have a favorite flower??

It does sound clíche that I love all flowers, but I really do.
Yet, there is a favorite among the masses of flowers that never fails to be favorite. HYDRANGEA. There is something incredibly peaceful about the blue sphere that speaks to me and the Snowflake Oakleaf varieties always remind me of a walk in the forest.

Scott Shephard of The Flower Podcast - blue hydrangea the family grows

Hydrangea, grown by my family and our little growing operation Green Petal Farms.

Any thing else you’d like to add about your life in flowers?

I have been fortunate to travel to countries, learning and exploring the vast world of beautiful flowers. I believe it is like I referenced earlier the Willy Wonka persona. I still believe there is much to be discovered in the world of flowers. My drive comes from my enthusiasm and dedication to searching for the newest flower and my appreciation for the trusts I have with my clients.
Together, our love of flowers will continue to grow a strong and vibrant floral community for generations to flourish.

Scott Shephard The Flower Podcast

I asked Scott how his family helps with the Podcast as I had heard they are involved. Scott shared this photo with us and notes –
My wife Catherine Shepherd, she totally makes everything possible. She helps with editing, social media, and our website!! She’s a rock star!!
Scottie, my oldest wrote the music we play and handles some editing and most of the IT issues.
David, goes with me on the road when we record and does most of the editing of the podcast
Ryan, is the emergency person that fills in when we need back up help with editing.
And of course they all help with Green Petal Farms.


Thank you so much, Scott, for taking some time to chat with us! So great to know more about the man behind The Flower Podcast. I hope our paths cross in real life at some point on this flower journey we are both on! Thank you for having me as a guest on your podcast.


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