Super Easy Raised Garden Beds!

Super easy raised Garden beds with only two tools? That’s right, David the Good shows us how he is using a modified version of easy raised beds recommended by, John Jeavons. Instead of packing the space tightly, he spreads it out more. The reason for that is when you pack garden beds that tightly it needs a lot of water. Check out his new garden bed.

If you’re looking for a cheap way to make a raised garden bed for your spring garden, this video is for you! It’s an easy solution that won’t take more than an hour. Why spend money on wooden borders if it isn’t needed?

The first tool David showed us is called the Triangular hoe, you can find that HERE.

The second tool is a broadfork from Meadow Creature. You can find that HERE.

(If you’re interested in reading John Jeavons book yourself you can find it on Amazon.)


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