Solving Your Gardening Needs with a Vegepod

gardening in comfort. You’re not alone in this. Sometimes it’s hard. Ground-level
gardening can be rough on your knees and back, regardless of our gardening environment
or age! Kneel-down, bend-over gardening presents a few physical challenges with
ground-level garden beds. What if you found a perfect solution that not only
mitigates the strain, but actually does some of the work for you?

your eyes for a moment. Imagine, if you will…(thank you, Rod Serling) a garden
bed that stands at the height of your arms, holds plenty of your favorite soil
mix, can be easily moved, protects your plants while still letting in light, creates
a microclimate and ….wait for it….waters itself! 

Surprise! It’s here!

The Vegepod is the only product on the market that handles the hard stuff so you can grow your vegetables and flowers with the real ease and pleasure that gardening should bring.

amazing comprehensive growing system removes all the daunting elements of gardening
– it can be situated anywhere, and makes successful growing of vegetables and
flowers so much easier, and way more fun. Whether you’re a beginning gardener eager
to see the fruits of your new skills, or an experienced gardener who wants to
just make it fun again, this is your time.

Overcome Gardening Challenges

are challenges to caring for our beautiful flower, herb and vegetable plants, whether
we live on a farm or a mid-city apartment. Growing vegetables in suburbia is commonly
fraught with issues like poor soil quality, harmful insects, hungry animals,
inclement weather—just to name a few. We could all use a little help.

  • Protection – The commercial grade canopy on the Vegepod shields your plants and tender seedlings from harm, while allowing air and light through the micro-mesh fabric. A microclimate under the canopy serves as a mini-greenhouse for lush, healthy plants.
  • Roots – There’s room in the pod for a foot (30 cm.) of soil, so your plants’ roots can grow long and strong. Container gardening doesn’t always offer enough soil depth for the amount of growing you want to do, but these pods offer a full gardening experience.
  • Water – Your plants’ roots can gather moisture from the water reservoir at the bottom of the pod. As a self-watering garden, the mist spray system can be connected with your timer hose for perfect irrigating whenever you choose.
  • Size and Portability – Vegepod comes in three sizes so you can grow as few or as many plants as you want, wherever you want. Better than traditional container gardening, a Vegepod can be raised on a stand to waist height to save strain on your back, or kept low enough for a child or wheelchair. Roll it on its trolley to easily change its location.
  • Wintering Over – The Vegepod people thought of everything. They even sell a wintering-over cover that will protect your plants in extreme cold weather. No more losing your flowers to an unexpected frost, or lugging pots into the garage or basement.

Father’s Day and Beyond

A Vegepod
delivers a beautiful, lifetime source of gardening delight for years to come. Funded
on Shark Tank Australia in 2016, this brilliant creation has won multiple
international awards. Thousands of Vegepods are sold every day in seven

favorite gardeners deserve this. Father’s Day is just around the corner. And spring
is upon us. This is a perfect time to surprise those you love with this
innovative easy-gardening system. Or imagine having one for yourself.

Visit the Vegepod website to enter the giveaway for a chance to win a Medium Vegepod. This giveaway ends May 31st and the winner will be announced on June 1st. Share this post with your family and friends too.


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