Planting It Forward For Planet Earth

the gardeners, are custodians and protectors of the earth. Yes, that’s you…an
authentic guardian of the constant cycle of life. When we #plantitforward,
we’re doing our small part.

Conscious Planting

You patiently
amend and work your soil. When you release that vibrant plant from its pot and
situate it in the earth, you cover its roots with a rich blanket of nutrients
and administer a dose of clear water. Do you realize that, in this moment,
you’ve made a real, genuine difference on the planet? You have personally linked
up with the earth in compensating for and correcting climate change. You’ve
endowed one small area with a natural habitat for countless birds, insects and
other living creatures. You’ve reduced the CO2 in the air and helped reduce pollution.

When you choose new plants, you want them to thrive and flourish under your care. You want to know that careful growers have nurtured them from infancy under optimal conditions. At your local nursery, you’re probably choosing a plant from Monrovia, a premiere grower of some of the most gorgeous plants in the world. And, just like you, Monrovia is doing its part to help the environment.

beautifully grown plants reflect the multiple joys of gardening. Our personal
gardens, in addition to delivering beauty and nutrition, support the
environment and feed the very soul of nature.

Planting for the Planet

Monrovia is such an earth-conscious company, they’ve partnered with Plant-for-the-Planet, a group with an ambitious plan to fight our climate crisis. This organization is all about planting trees around the world, literally. Their mind-boggling goal is one trillion trees! Monrovia has teamed up for the challenge because Plant-for-the-Planet is not only just a great idea, but a global movement with the intention to bring about environmental healing in the best way possible.

How can
we help? Since humans now number over 7 billion in population, it’s more
important than ever to #plantitforward, to do what we can to conserve and
enrich our planet’s resources, and provide a safer haven for ecosystems that
have begun to struggle under our impact. “Remember, no garden is too small. It
all adds up!”

we go big or keep it small, these gardening efforts let us contribute directly
to earth’s natural ecosystems, our humbly personal gift of healing. And this
kind of earth consciousness is Monrovia’s life work. Every day they plant,
cultivate, and propagate the highest quality, sturdiest and most beautiful
plants you can buy. Since 1926, they’ve been proud to “help grow the next
generation of plants stronger and more beautiful for the next generation of

go forward and garden. And, while you’re at it, click here to enter the PLANT IT FORWARD
Join this awesome campaign and let’s keep planting for the environment!

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