Perry Cottage

This week I had the pleasure of visiting my brother Brian and sister-in-law Danielle and their three sweet kids. I always find myself encouraged after visiting them. My brother is a fire-fighter and Danielle is incredibly smart. She is an educator but also a student. She researches and soaks up information like a sponge.

Danielle is a Florida native. She did not start gardening until she became an adult.  A memory that inspired her to start was thinking back to succulents growing in her grandmother’s house. The feeling peaceful while she spent time in there inspired her to start gardening. She has read and experimented and has a beautiful landscape mixed with flowers and edibles. I asked her if she would show us what she has going on and she agreed. They live on less than a quarter of an acre. She has several types of berries growing, including blackberries, strawberries, blueberries, and raspberries.

Danielle’s favorite style of gardening is Cottage Style, which flows freely and intertwines beautifully. In one area, she has blueberries over the top of strawberries which are partially shaded by apple trees.

She is not afraid of planting right up against something else, and the results are awesome. The apple tree above is an Ein Shemer variety growing next to a Golden Delicious (pictured below.) On the side of her house, she has a Hardy Kiwi growing. We found this little nest growing when we pulled back the vine. 

She has two Wild Plum Trees as well as a Stanley Plum. They are growing as high as the trampoline the kids play on, which doubles as a support hold.My favorite part of her design is the Concord grapes which act as a transition between the landscape in the front yard and the gardens in the back.

The grape vines are held up by a homemade trellis and run over the top of the entrance to their detached garage. It is very whimsical.

 Whether you have a big yard or small, it is very possible to have an edible landscape that keeps giving back. Brian and Danielle have been incredibly busy this summer and have little to no time to garden. But thanks to the work they put in previously they are continuing to see the fruits of their labor. Hurray for perennials!

Thank you, Danielle, for the tour.

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