DIY Sunflower Votive Candle Holder

Here’s another way to design using the sunny and versatile sunflower. I’ve found that both their large centers and…

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25 MIND-BLOWING New Floral Varieties from SAF’s Premier Product Showcase!

Don’t miss out on seeing these 25 show-stoppers from SAF’s Premier Product Showcase 2018! 5,000 stems of the best flowers and unique plants on the market were on display during one of the industry’s biggest flower and plant competitions. Dozens of growers and breeders from across the country and around the world exhibited their finest…

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VIDEO: Why Orchids Are Masters of Lying, Cheating, and Stealing

MinuteEarth explains why orchids are masters of lying, cheating and stealing. Their unique survival strategies are different than most of Earth’s other successful species, but their methods have found them specialized niches in habitats around the world…[READ MORE] Source: MinuteEarth Explains Why Orchids Are Masters of Lying, Cheating, and Stealing |

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The Floral Hair Accessory Trend Is The Most Ethereal & DIYable Beauty Look At Fashion Week

I remember pinning fake roses into my hair every few nights for ballet class when I was a little girl. I loved crafting intricate buns and adorning them with blooms, butterfly clips, barrettes—whatever I could get my hands on. If only my 12-year-old self could’ve seen the floral hair accessory trend that just hit the…

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15 Wedding Trends That Are In For 2019

For brides getting married in 2019, the wedding planning fun is just beginning. Planners and vendors are already seeing a crop of new trends popping up as they start to look towards the coming year. From food and flowers to attire and decor, here are 15 trends that are sure to be super hot in…

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PHOTO GALLERY: 7 of the Weirdest Things to Sprout from Earth

Yes, this is real life! Rainbow trees do exist. You can find this beauty in the Philippines, New Guinea, Indonesia and frost-free areas of United States. When the rainbow eucalyptus sheds last season’s bark, brightly colored new bark is revealed underneath. These trees can reach heights of up to 250 feet and thrive best in…

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10 Useful Gmail Settings You’ll Wish You Knew Sooner

More than a billion people use Gmail. That’s about one in seven people on Earth, actively using this free email platform in 74 different languages. Recently, the Wall Street Journal reported some third-party developers were collecting data on Gmail users. If you are worried about this practice, I’ve got your back. Tap or click here…

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Do You Know The Temperature Of Your People?

Many companies are using employee surveys and other methods to gauge the “temperature” of the company. But how many of them actually take the “temperature” of the individual employees on their teams? I was privileged to work with an excellent mentor years ago from Britain. Mike was as proper an Englishman as you could come…

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This Online Startup Makes Shopping and Caring for Beautiful House Plants Convenient and Easy – Even for People Who Don’t Think They Have a Green Thumb

Home and interior design magazines frequently espouse this simple trick for refreshing your space: add a house plant. It’s not only a strategic aesthetic move – research has found exposure to nature improves emotional well-being, making you happier and even more creative. I’m no scientist, but plenty of anecdotal evidence has also confirmed that shopping…

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College of Agricultural Sciences Announces Alumni Award Recipients

David Clark, of Gainesville, Florida, has been lauded by Penn State’s College of Agricultural Sciences as one of its outstanding alumni.   UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa. — Penn State’s College of Agricultural Sciences has honored four of its graduates with 2018 Outstanding Alumni Awards. The awards, which will be presented during a banquet on Oct. 4…

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