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G Page Flower Wholesaler NY Flower District

G Page Flower Wholesaler, NY Flower District

Musings of a Florist :: visit flirty fleurs on Tuesdays and read a variety of musings by me – Alicia Schwede, editor of the blog.
I’ll be sharing some thoughts of what I’ve learned, what I would do differently, and what I’m thankful for on this flower filled journey I’ve been on since 1998.




Relationship with your Wholesaler
A great relationship with your flower wholesaler is going to make your life so much better! Treat your sales person with respect, thank them and acknowledge they have an extremely difficult job. They are trying to keep many, many Florists happy and let’s face it – that’s not an easy job! Filled with very early mornings and long days.

I felt so emotional when one of my BFFs retired from Amato Wholesale in Denver, I saw Juanita almost every single week for the 11 years I lived in Colorado. She taught me so much about flowers before there was an internet full of information. Sure we had a few “moments” in our 11 years together, but 99.9% of the time was full of respect, admiration, and love! Happy retirement, Juanita, you’ve worked hard for it!
Do yourself and your business a favor and show some love and respect to your wholesalers. 😊
Thank you to @amatowholesale @florabundanceinc @stevensandson @dwfwholesaledenver @seattlewholesalegrowersmarket @mayeshwholesale @northwest_wholesale_florists @sfbrannanstwholesale @torchionursery @nevebros @sfflowermart @figonenursery for all being part of my flower business journey.


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