Lumber Storage

Happy Monday!

Mondays are my favorite day of the week. After a good break on Sunday, I wake up ready to launch back into work.

The children are off school this week due to the imminent arrival of Good Baby Mk. IX, so I have a pool of labor to pull from this morning.

I think it’s a good day to build a lumber storage area. My previous lumber lean-to which later turned into a laundry room.

Now my lumber is sitting out in the rain. Time to take care of that! It’s been dry for over a week, which means the wood has dried out which means I should really put it away somewhere before it rains again.

Lumber storage 2.0 will be permanent. I’m going to build a lean-to off the wide of my workshop area, covering maybe an 8 x 16′ area. The ground will be dirt for now but I may cast a slab later.

A few 4x4s for posts, some 2x4s for rafters, some 2x6s for support, a few roof panels… and voila! I’ll get my lumber out of the rain.

This is good, because besides my construction project, I have also been doing a little woodcarving lately:

Time to go. I will post more on the lumber storage project after it’s finished.

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