Look at Our Big Coconut Palm!

Last year I dumped a lot of seaweed and salt water on the biggest coconut palm on our land, hoping to entice it to bloom for the first time.

You can see my work in this video:

Here’s the tree:

I need to clean the vines off it, but there’s something cool happening in that picture. Can you see it?

Here’s a closer look:

Can you see it now?

How about now:

They are hard to spot among the fronds, but there are blooms in there – and baby coconuts as well.

Looks like we’ll have coconuts in 2020. God be praised – what a blessing!

To ensure plenty of future coconuts, I’ve been planting little trees all over the place. Some of them are the old, tall varieties that dot the hillsides. Some, like the one in the following picture, are seedlings from short, improved varieties:

In the video I filmed of our food forest planting back in July, my daughter and I plant about a dozen:

When you have coconuts, you have food, oil and a fresh drink on hot tropical days. I think we have about 20 planted so far and I’m sure I’ll add more in the future.

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