Is Gardening Ruining Your Skin: This Perfect Mother’s Day Gift Can Help

Mother’s Day is just around the corner, and if you’re struggling for the perfect gift, then you may want to add some lotion to your list – in particular, Gloves In A Bottle shielding lotion. It works especially well for gardeners.

Every Gardener Needs Gloves In A Bottle, Including Mom

that spends time in the garden knows just how rough it can be on your hands.
Many gardeners, myself included, don’t always wear gloves. Like my mom, I enjoy
the feel of warm soil between my fingers. I can easily grab onto weeds and
pluck them from the ground more efficiently. Unfortunately, by season’s end our
hands may show all the wear and tear of those gardening tasks with dry, cracked
or irritated skin. Gloves In A Bottle not only offers relief from this, but
allows the skin to heal, resulting in softer, more luxuriant hands.

How is this different from other lotions? First of all, many conventional lotions contain artificial moisturizers, which may be great for softening skin temporarily, but this doesn’t really provide long-term relief of many types of skin conditions. However, shielding lotions, like Gloves In A Bottle, bond with the outer layer of skin cells to create an invisible shield (or barrier) that locks in natural moisture and oils.

protective lotion guards against dirt, grime, plant residues, and other
irritants from gardening and naturally restores the skin from the within,
leaving your hands looking and feeling soft and supple, even while working in
the garden! Gloves In A Bottle also helps prevent nail and cuticle damage, and
protects hands from the damaging effects of chemicals and weather that often
lead to dry, cracked skin. Even sufferers of eczema and psoriasis can find

You Don’t Use Gloves, Use Gloves In A Bottle!

not always feasible to wear those gardening gloves. And it’s not always
pleasant wearing lotions that leave your hands feeling greasy or wash off the
minute they come into contact with water. Gloves In A Bottle is water resistant
and provides protection up to 4 hours or more, coming off naturally with exfoliating
skin cells. It dries quickly and is barely noticeable on your skin. In fact,
it’s like wearing an invisible pair of gloves.

let the joys of gardening leave their marks on Mom’s hands. Give her the skin
protection she needs and deserves. At just under $20, Gloves In A Bottle makes
a great, affordable Mother’s Day gift on its own, or add it to a gardening gift
basket or alongside her favorite flowers to plant in the garden.

We ladies are always looking for ways to improve our skin and Mom is no exception. This lotion is the answer to many of our skincare needs. No more dry, chapped, cracked, irritated, wrinkly or old-looking hands! What could be better than that? You mother will thank you and so will her soft hands.

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