How to Plant Cassava.

Last week David the Good showed us how he made garden beds for yams and cassava. Now that the beds are prepped and yams are planted, it’s time to get the cassava into the ground. You can watch that here.

David is trying two different types of Cassava. The first being CR30 and the second Senorita. Both of these are a type of white cassava although it is pretty easy to tell them apart.

It is important to know which side you need to plant, he shows us how to tell the difference below. First, he looked for a little bud and the leaf scare. The bottom half is smooth and the top of it will have a little dot which is where the new leaves will grow out of it. The little “eye” needs to go up.  He then planted them 2/3 of the way down to ensure they will root well and not get too hot. He continued this with a two-foot spacing down the entire bed. Cassavas do well in a dry climate, however when you first plant it is important to water them well. Stay tuned to see how well these Cassavas do over the next year!

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