Hand and Sun Protection in the Garden

Do you
avoid gardening because it wreaks havoc on your skin and nails?

gardeners know that gloves are an essential part of getting work done outside. But
the standard gardening glove will not protect a manicure at all. If you’re an
avid gardener, you know the fingertips of most gloves often allow dirt and
grime into our nails when we’re doing a lot of vigorous hands-on work outside –
which most of us do. How many manicures have you ruined in the garden? How can
you be both a well-groomed woman and still garden to your heart’s content?

speaking of protection, when you’re spending hours outside in the beautiful
sunshine, how do you know when your sunscreen is petering out? As dedicated
gardeners, let’s take a look at two self-care issues for happy gardening.

Our Nails
and Hands

lovely to work in the soil, and it’s even been proven that it makes us feel
good. But all that touchy-feely work in garden soil draws the natural moisture
from our fingertips and simply trashes our fingernails. Natural nails can
become frail and thin. Dirt and sap can work their way into the nails, often
causing a permanent stain. And if you’re a person who keeps your fingernails
perfectly manicured, gardening can become a very expensive hobby.

The happy-lifestyle folks at Dig It Apparel, however, have designed a pair of durable, breathable garden gloves that not only protect your skin, but provide a cushion of safety for your fingernails. Built into the fingertips of Dig It® Garden Utility Gloves is an industrial-design, patented Pillow Top Protector™ that preserves your perfect manicure while you’re out there toiling in the soil – giving you the freedom to dig deep.

A favorite of dedicated gardeners, these comfy gloves protect your hands from the harmful UV rays of the sun. Not just scaled down men’s utility gloves, they’re great for everyone in the family. These amazing gloves are available in two styles and four colors, and can be purchased at major home centers or online. We all need to be aware of the potentially damaging effects of too much sun exposure.

Our Skin

The people
at Dig It® have also been busy thinking up new ways to keep our weekend-warriors’
skin safe and beautiful. Here’s something you may not have considered: When
you’re out in the sun for hours, your sunscreen will eventually give out. Unless
you have divine guidance, you don’t really know when it’s time to reapply it,

Dig It® has created a breakthrough UVA/UVB Sensor Dot that changes color when you need more sunscreen. Dig It In The Sun™ UVA/UVB Sensor Dots let you know when your sunscreen’s effectiveness is diminishing so you’ll be protected from nasty sunburn, giving you the freedom to enjoy the sun. It’s your sunscreen’s new BFF! Pretty brilliant.

The dots
mimic the skin. Made in the U.S, they’re hypoallergenic, paraben free and
approved by dermatologists and pediatricians. You won’t even know you’re
wearing it until it turns purple to alert you that it’s time to slather on more
sunscreen. Available
in packs of 8, 20 and 30, these innovative sensor dots can be found online or
at select retailers.

We are such multi-faceted beings. We can work in the garden like the burliest farmer, and go to a lovely dinner groomed to the max. Don’t forget as you work the earth that you can be both these people. Protect your nails and skin with these groundbreaking products from Dig It Apparel – check out their Where to Buy section of the website for locations of retailers near you.

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