Freedom Day: Three Years In

Three years ago we took a huge leap into the unknown, leaving behind family, a paid-off-house, a nursery business, our church, our friends and our nation.

We left in search of freedom, and we found it.

Sometimes it is hard to be an outsider, but I have to say the locals have been more welcoming and kind than we could have expected. We have made friends, joined a new church, bought our own land, learned to understand the local language and have even expanded our family. Going without a homestead of our own to plant trees and lay our heads was one of the hardest things, so when we bought our piece of land on Christmas Eve last year, a big weight came off my shoulders. Once the house is built and we can move over there, we’ll be almost back to where we were three years ago.

Except we’ll live in a place where you can build a shed without a permit and keep chickens in your front yard.

When remember the fear I used to face, wondering if I were insane to make the jump, I shake my head at my previous self. It was worth it. Freedom is worth it.

And, most important of all, I can now grow my own coffee.

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