Free Plants for Everyone: The Good Guide to Plant Propagation!

At long last, Free Plants for Everyone: The Good Guide to Plant Propagation is now up on Amazon for pre-order!

The following is the publisher’s description:  Do you want to grow apples from seed? Or learn to graft? Or germinate seeds from that awesome old honey locust tree in your Grandpa’s backyard? In Free Plants for Everyone, you will learn tried and true methods of plant propagation that will allow you to grow pretty much anything you like without giving your hard-earned money to plant nurseries. Gardening expert David The Good takes the mystery out of plant propagation and shares propagation secrets from the nursery business as well from his many years of experience.

He has drawn many beautiful illustrations in order to properly teach and explain the grafting process. The picture below is one of many in the book.  If you enjoy David’s writing grab your copy here. It helps boost the ratings!

Although the pre-order is only for the Kindle version in a month or so the publisher will be coming out with the paperback! This book is already the #1 best-seller in the gardening section on Amazon. David the Good had a goodstream about his new book release if you missed it watch it here.

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