Floral Gift for Your Bestie? French Watchmaker Customizes High-End Luxury Timepieces — Like This $110,000 Rolex Covered in Rainbow Sapphires and Engraved With An Ornate Floral Design

MAD Paris has released a new iteration of its much-loved Rolex Daytona Rainbow Sapphire watch, this time around featuring a smooth leather strap and an engraved buckle. It follows on from the extremely-limited Daytona Rainbow Sapphire that released back in April with a metal bracelet. This time around, the customized Rolex adopts a slicker look…

Original source: https://www.grandcentralfloral.com/2019/12/floral-gift-for-your-bestie-french-watchmaker-customizes-high-end-luxury-timepieces-like-this-110000-rolex-covered-in-rainbow-sapphires-and-engraved-with-an-ornate-floral-design/

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