Exclusive Offer: Celebrate the Glowpear Café Planter U.S. Launch

The Australian-designed Glowpear café planter is now available in the U.S., so time to get al fresco! This
attractive, sleek planter is mounted on wheels and, as such, designed to work
in any kind of space but is ideal for urban gardening. Grow vegetables, herbs,
or flowers inside or out with this durable, self-watering, and mobile planter.

Grow Veggies and Herbs, Even with No Yard

If you have always
wished you could grow more plants, especially fresh produce and herbs for your
kitchen, but don’t have much space, you just need the right planter. Enjoy
healthier, fresher, more organic produce even in an urban setting with the
Glowpear planter. It’s also available in single or double planter sizes.

Easy Growing and Watering

One of the key
features of the Glowpear café planter is the self-watering system. Forgetting
to water plants is an easy mistake to make. But with this planter it’s no
longer an issue. Just fill up the water reservoir and let your plants water
themselves. They’ll take up water as needed, so there’s no need to worry about
over-watering. The water reservoir level can be easily monitored too, just by
checking the indicator.

You Need a Planter That is Mobile and Easy to Use

The watering
system makes the Glowpear easy to use, but this isn’t the only feature that
will make a gardener out of anyone. You can also enjoy the mobility of the
planter. With wheels, you can easily move it around to take advantage of space
and optimize sunlight. The height of the planter is ideal too. You don’t have
to stress your joints or back by bending and kneeling when pruning or
harvesting plants.

This Planter Looks Good Anywhere, and It’s Durable

The Glowpear café
planter is an ideal compact garden for any space. The sleek, simple, and modern
look of the white and oak planter fits into any design outdoors. The planter is
sturdily constructed, UV- and corrosion-resistant, and is even recyclable. The
materials are food safe, so you can control how you grow your vegetables and

For a limited time, and to celebrate the U.S. launch of the Glowpear café planter, get 20 percent off your purchase. Use the code GLOWKNOWHOW to get started on your mobile urban garden. Grow your own kitchen garden with this mobile planter and self-watering plant. Just for good measure, Glowpear will extend the special to the Mini Bench or Mini Wall planter to take better advantage of your more confined, indoors and vertical growing spaces. This range makes creating and maintaining an urban garden easy for any experience level.

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