Episode 102: Edible Garden Design with Stefani Bittner

The Sunset Magazine Gardens at The Cornerstone Somona, designed by Stefani Bittner and her team.

The Sunset Magazine Gardens at The Cornerstone Somona, designed by Stefani Bittner and her team.

Stefani Bittner, owner of Homestead Design Collective, talks with Hilary about how to create a beautiful and productive outdoor living space.


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Photos from Stefani’s home garden:

Perennial herbs

Stone terraced vegetable garden

Dog in garden path


Key Design Elements:

  • Pick a focal point: Choose a permanent element such as a tree, arbor or pathway to anchor your site

  • Create a gathering space

  • Provide structure to your site by incorporating perennial edibles and ornamentals, and evergreen ground covers

  • Accessibility: It’s likely that your garden will be more successful if you can see it and access it easily.

  • Repetition: Repeating materials, colors, and textures throughout a landscape can help to integrate a variety of spaces.

Plants Discussed in This Episode:

  • Pineapple Guava (Feijoa)

  • Fuyu Persimmion

  • Blueberry ‘Sunshine Blue’

  • Huckleberry

  • Fig

  • Yarrow

Our gardens are for living in.”- Stefani Bittner

Pathway, terracing and trellising inspiration from Stefani’s garden:

Garden Pathway

Herbs and cayenne peppers

Stone steps and trellises

“How do you want to live in your garden?”– Stefani Bittner

Books by Stefani Bittner:


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More about this weeks guest expert:

STEFANI BITTNER is the owner of Homestead Design Collective, a San Francisco Bay Area landscape design firm focused on creating beautiful gardens that provide harvest. Stefani is the co-author of The Beautiful Edible Garden and Harvest: Unexpected Projects Using 47 Extraordinary Garden Plants.

Her team offers a unique and sophisticated approach, using both organic farming and fine gardening skills, for people who want help creating aesthetically designed, organic edible gardens. Homestead provides design, installation, and full-service organic maintenance, harvesting, bee keeping, preserving, floristry, and composting services. Homestead is the design team behind the new Test Gardens for Sunset Magazine, the edible garden for Marin Art & Garden Center, and the community garden for Bay Meadows.

Website: homesteaddesigncollective.com
Instagram: @homesteaddesigncollective

Hilary Dahl_Seattle Urban Farm Co.

About the Host:

Hello, I’m Hilary Dahl. Outside of this podcast, my job is to help beginning and experienced growers create beautiful and productive gardens. I have the unique experience of working in on a wide range of projects, from small backyard garden plots to multi-acre vegetable farms. I also work in my own garden every day when I get home. This podcast is an opportunity to discuss seasonal garden topics and share the the joy of growing your own food. 

Original source: https://www.seattleurbanfarmco.com/blog/2017/6/16/encyclopedia-botanica-podcast-episode-58-3b9n3-8gbz3-289s6-36t7g-874zj-78p5k-ke3ss-srdn2-cygb5-dtnr5-at9yd-zd47a-n8fcb-tsd23-rtaj8-n3228-8r86x-ydgl4-a4g8e-2kdzh-za6tk-caxbw-wdd34-mr6w9

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