Book Review – Free Plants for Everyone!

Yesterday, Scott posted a video about his thoughts on David the Good’s latest book, Free Plats for everyone: The Good Guide to Plant propagation.

“If you have listened to my book reports before you know one of my favorite things about his books, in particular, is that they are incredibly motivational and inspirational. He gets right to the point he has lots of good information, he knows what he’s talking about and has a nice sense of humor that keeps the book fun to read.” 

He continues with his thoughts on the grafting section…

“He takes the fear out of grafting. It can be intimidating, you think you are gonna kill everything. He also has a nice list of plants you can graft together, some of them will surprise you! And he has a list of plants that won’t graft together, some of those might surprise you also. “

To watch the full review click HERE. If you haven’t grabbed your own copy of David the Good’s latest book you can find the Kindle Version on Amazon! The hard copy will be coming soon.

To find Scott’s personal page you can go here. Thank you, Scott, for your kind words!

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