Backyard Landscaping Tips for Summer

we plan our summer gardens and growing spaces, it’s always great to base your
plantings on a design that will serve as the bones of your beautiful backyard,
front yard or small plot. Thinking of going it alone? Let a landscaping contractor

may be an expert with soil and plants, but there’s a lot more to it, right? Sometimes,
merely establishing the layout seems a daunting challenge, not to mention constructing
a walkway or building a retaining wall. You may have a vague idea of what you
want, but do you know how to plan and create it? And do you know how to build
sustainable green spaces? Sometimes, there’s just nothing better than calling
in an expert.

at the Beginning

has a different set of circumstances and needs. Depending on your location, your
budget, your aesthetics – even your desire for practical growing space versus
décor – it’s super important to develop a realistic, serviceable plan, either
on paper or screen. Many landscape companies, like M.E.
Contracting, have professional planners and designers that will
sit down and map out your space to help you understand how to make the very
best of the various areas you have available. There’s so much to learn.

a plan involves deciding the most practical and beautiful way to set up your
space. A landscape architect will look at the shape of your land, available
water sources, spots where shade and sun are needed, and where you’d like a
touch of aesthetic appeal. If you don’t know all these things already, an
experienced landscaping contractor is amazing at helping you make these decisions.

Softscape and Water

Hardscape is more about the surrounding structures – walkways, garden paths, decks, driveways and patios. Landscaping companies such as M.E. Contracting will advise you on how to get the most out of your yard’s various environments, like sunny areas, wet spaces, shaded spots and designated relaxing spaces.

– what a lovely word – is all about the available yard, acreage or plot – the
earth that you have available to plant growing things. You can talk with your
expert about flowers, shrubs, trees and vegetables and how to use your
softscape efficiently. If you have ecological concerns, these are the folks to
talk to.

Your landscaping contractor may suggest irrigation systems that will help you cut down on the task of keeping each area properly watered. Irrigation systems can be a godsend in dry or hot areas, or for people who work away from home.

it Evolve

you and your landscape expert have formulated the perfect plan for your yard, a
whole team of landscaping professionals
will come in and make the magic happen. You can stand back and look at the
gorgeous environment you’ve co-created with your contractor, and choose whether
you want ongoing service or whether you’re all set to manage your grounds

it never hurts to get a little expert help for a beautiful and successful
gardening season.

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