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You don’t have to be old or injured to want your tools to work for you rather than against you. There is a saying, “work smart, not hard” that is applicable to any age and any situation. Take gardening, for example. Some gardening tasks are simple and require little effort, but the majority are labor intensive and can make aches and pains spring up instantly, even where there were none before. Back EZ, however, provides a versatile solution that can adapt effortlessly to a variety of tools and simplify any job.

Standard shovels, rakes, hoes and other tools used in the landscape are necessary for gardening but aren’t always a friend to your back and muscles. The way they are designed requires maximum effort on the gardener’s part and can cause painful muscles, pulls and sprains. Instead of purchasing new equipment, which can be costly and may not even be as user-friendly, try Back EZ ergonomic handles. This simple solution can save your back and your pocketbook.

EZ’s ergonomic tool grip is an easy to attach handle that is designed to help
remove some of the strain from outdoor work. It attaches quickly to hoes, shovels,
rakes, power washers, painting poles, and more. The handle allows the user to
grip the tool higher on the shaft, promoting better posture and providing
better leverage. The design reduces the need to bend the back by 30% and decreases
compression in the lower back by 15%. You can use the tool either in the left
or right hand. By reducing back bend by up to 10 inches (25 cm.), you can
easily do the same job but with less effort!

handle attaches to almost any long pole tool in under a minute. It is made of
glass fiber reinforced resin that is as strong as steel. Built to last, the
Back EZ has been tested in a wide variety of environments, from Arctic to
desert. It is lightweight and fits on any position of the pole with the aid of the
provided hex key. Simply slide it over the handle and tighten the screw. The
handle is also easily adjustable to fit any size user and arm length for better
comfort. Move it quickly from tool to tool for those big outdoor jobs.

Back EZ is perfect for arthritis or back pain sufferers, but you don’t have to wait for an injury to use it now. Prevent future strains and damage with the handle and by practicing safe movements.  Using both hands on your rake or other device will also reduce the chances of damage to your hands and wrists. The ergonomic design will benefit users in all seasons, whether snow shoveling or raking. It even has indoor benefits where a long-handled paint tool is required, while vacuuming, or for use with a poled light bulb changer. Extend your reach, reduce strain, say goodbye to blisters, and make any job easier with Back EZ handles

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