4 Ways to Create a Tranquil Space at Your Home

There is no place on this earth more relaxing than your home. Your home is where you get to relax after a long tiring day with the right kind of privacy you want. There are numerous ways to enhance the tranquility of your home and make it a more comfortable and relaxing space for all […]

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Some Thoughts About Design

Late in December of 2012, we were gearing up to install the winter pots and lighting at Detroit Garden Works. Central to that display were 6 tall narrow concrete pots that had been fabricated at Branch. They were the devil to address, no matter the season. How so? Despite their height and heft, the top […]

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How to Save Tomato Seeds with the Fermentation Method

Saving tomato seeds is easy. Here’s how to do it like a pro, on your kitchen counter.

This method of tomato seed saving is called the “fermentation” method. All you need to do is let the seeds sit and stew for a few days, which will rot off the jelly on their seed coats. Then you can rinse away the gunk and get lovely seeds that will germinate better than they would if you dried them right from the fruit.

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Winter stroll at Zilker Botanical Garden

January 23, 2020

In need of a garden fix a couple of weeks ago, I stopped by Zilker Botanical Garden with my daughter, looking forward to strolling around the gardens for 45 minutes or so. I was surprised when the gate attendant told me admission for two Austin-resident adults is $12. Admission used to cost just a couple of dollars, and when my kids were younger it was free.

If only I’d thought to bring my Wildflower Center membership card with me. I learned later that Zilker honors reciprocal memberships with participating botanical gardens around the country. The lesson? Always carry your membership cards, fellow garden visitors!

Of course Zilker Botanical Garden is cash-strapped and has been working for a few years to build a conservancy to take over management from the city’s over-extended parks department and bring much-needed improvements to the gardens. I applaud those efforts, and I am sure they thought long and hard about raising admission fees. Zilker definitely does need our support.

Here are a few winter-quiet scenes I enjoyed as I walked around the gardens.

In town, Austin has experienced only one or two light freezes so far this winter, and many parts of the gardens are largely green, although flowers are few.

Soon the heat of summer will return, so I plan to soak up as many cool-season garden visits as I can make time for.

There’s always something to see, no matter the season. So how are you getting your garden fix this January?

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Digging Deeper: News and Upcoming Events

Mark your calendar for the May 16th Inside Austin Gardens Tour hosted by the Travis County Master Gardeners. Six private gardens in and around Austin will offer opportunities to learn about drought/deluge-tolerant, Earth-Kind® landscaping and butterfly, herb, vegetable, and succulent gardening.

Join the mailing list for Garden Spark! Hungry to learn about garden design from the experts? I’m hosting a series of talks by inspiring garden designers, landscape architects, and authors a few times a year. Held in Austin, the talks are limited-attendance events that sell out quickly, so join the Garden Spark email list to be notified in advance. Simply click this link and ask to be added.

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Caring For Hoya Curtisii

Hoya curtisii [HOY-a, kurt-IS-ee-eye], commonly known as Porcelain Flower, Hoya Aloha, or Fung Wax Flower, is a slow-growing perennial vine hailing from Malaysia, Thailand and … [Read more]

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Learn Dividing Transplanting Tips: Iris | Painted Daisies | Daylilies

Dividing and transplanting is a shock to any plant. It loosens its root attachment to the soil which stops its normal growing functions until the … [Read more]

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Heirloom Flower Gardening – Old-Fashioned Flowers For A Modern Garden

For many gardeners, heirloom flowers awaken childhood
memories of a bygone era and loved ones long departed. Snapdragons
and trumpet
take me back to summer evenings on my grandparent’s porch. It was a
simpler time. The lack of air conditioning and summertime TV reruns pushed us
outdoors where we caught small glimpses of nature interspersed among the
surrounding city life.

Like many 20th century grandmothers, mine had a vintage
flower garden where she grew her prized roses. Other old-fashioned flowers
filled the small spaces of her city lot. It was an era of economy. Perennials
had to be easy to grow and annuals readily self-seeded. Many gardeners are
returning to this ideology of heirloom flower gardening. Let’s take a glimpse
back at some of these old-fashioned flowers which graced the gardens of our

Heirloom Flower Gardening Favorites

are the quintessential gardening flower. These delicate buds and blossoms have
been cultivated for over 5,000 years. While it’s easy to consider varieties
such as the Peace rose to be an old-fashioned flower, this 1945 introduced rose
is a modern hybrid. True old-fashioned garden roses existed before 1867 when
the first modern hybrid rose, La France, was introduced. For a vintage flower
garden containing heirloom
, consider Gallica, Damask or a Bourbon rose.

are a mainstay of old-fashioned cottage
. These giant wonders may be short-lived but their ability to
self-seed keeps them coming back. Heirloom hollyhocks are available in a
multitude of colors and blossom types from the Chaters Double White variety to
the Black Watchman hollyhock flowers grown by Thomas Jefferson.

Rudbeckia heirloom varieties extends beyond the traditional
yellow flowering black-eyed
. Try Cherry Brandy for a brilliant red blossom or Chocolate Orange
for a truly spectacular color combination. Rudbeckia is great for naturalizing
in fields or rustic-looking areas of the garden.

Cleome is one my personal favorites. Also called spider
, these proficient blooming heirloom flowers are easy to grow and
readily self-seed. Their white, pink and lavender blossoms are long-lasting and
fill the garden space with color from mid-summer until frost.

are classic heirloom flowers with a fragrance as reminiscent of
grandma as were her chocolate chip cookies baking in the oven. Often grown as
cutting flowers, their multicolored blossoms can fill the house with a sweet
flowery aroma. Try Erewhon, Blue Shift or America for fragrant and beautiful
blossoming Sweet Pea varieties.

Giant sunflowers
are truly the sentinels of heirloom flower gardening. A vintage garden hardly
seems complete without these mammoths of the flowering world following the
sun’s path with their seed-bearing heads. Although there are more than 70
varieties of sunflowers available, the 12- to 14-foot (3.6 to 4.3 m.) tall
single-headed Giant Sunflower variety is a popular pick for evoking those
special memories of granny’s garden!

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How to Pick the Right Valentine’s Day Flowers for Your Sweetheart

Roses are red, violets are blue … and picking the perfect Valentine’s Day flower is so hard to do!…

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The History of Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is essentially the most romantic day of the year, but have you ever wondered why an entire…

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History of Love Sayings

If you’ve fallen madly in love with someone, sometimes a simple, “I love you” just won’t suffice. For centuries,…

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