5 Garden Themed Easter Basket Ideas

Are you looking for something a
little different to put in your kids’ Easter baskets this year? Are you trying
to focus less on candy and chocolate? Why not embrace spring another way and
get your little ones excited to get into the garden? Here are our top 5 garden
themed Easter basket ideas.

Get started early
– Easter falls at a different time
each spring, sometimes a little early to go tilling the soil. There might even
still be snow on the ground! That’s a great excuse to start plants inside, though.
Fill your basket with potting soil, small peat pots, popsicle sticks for
labeling, and easy to grow seeds, and you can get planting that very day.

Beat the sun
– Gardening means being out in the
sun, and gardening in spring usually means being out in the sun for the first
time in a while. It’s important for everyone to protect themselves, but
especially little guys and gals. Sunglasses and hats (with garden patterns like
bugs and flowers for extra fun) will get them excited to get outdoors and planting,
but with a practical bonus.

Find the right tools
– It’s easy to find small, fun
garden tool sets for little hands, and they look great poking up out of basket,
too. Kids’ tools often come in different colors that you can coordinate a whole
basket around, if you’re making up several.

Add something sweet
– It is Easter after all, and if
you want to have a little something sweet in your basket, look for garden
themed candy, like chocolate flowers or carrots. (In a pinch, remember that bunny
rabbits do love gardens just as much as we do).

Carry it all
– It’s good to have a way to carry
everything, especially if you’re trooping in and out of the house. A
garden-themed bag can double as an Easter basket, but a blank canvas bag is a
lot more fun to decorate.

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